Femme are an expression found in LGBT traditions to spell out a person that conveys by themselves in an usually feminine technique.

There are some other personal information with the extent of femme, instance a€?low femmea€™, a€?high femmea€™, and a€?hard femmea€™. One shouldna€™t make use of these consideration about a person if you don’t realize these people determine with them.

Describes men who has got a romantic and/or erotic orientation towards guy. Furthermore a general expression for lesbian and gay sex – some girls describe on their own as homosexual instead of girl to girl. Some non-binary visitors can also recognize using this label.


Frequently explained in regards to masculinity and womanliness, gender is basically culturally driven and it’s suspected within the sex appointed at rise.

a€‹Gender dysphoria

Utilized to summarize whenever individuals suffers from pains or problems since there is a mismatch between their sex given at delivery as well as their sex personality.

This is also the clinical diagnosis for an individual who doesna€™t feel safe making use of intercourse these were given at start.

a€‹Gender appearance

How one wants to outwardly express their unique sex, within perspective of social anticipation of sex. An individual who doesn’t comply with social targets of gender may not, however, diagnose as trans.

a€‹Gender identity

A persona€™s inborn feeling of their very own sex, whether male, feminine or something like that else (determine non-binary below), might be or may not match the love given at birth.

a€‹Gender reassignment

Other ways of explaining a persona€™s move. To pass through gender reassignment usually means that to endure any health-related input, however it could also imply shifting names, pronouns, outfitting differently and staying in their own self-identified gender.

Gender reassignment is actually a characteristic which is guarded through the equivalence work 2010, and it’s really even more construed during the Equality Act 2010 approved signal of exercise. Truly a phrase of a lot of assertion as well as one that Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Crowd seems is analyzed.a€‹

Sex Acknowledgment Certificates (GRC)

This gives trans people to generally be lawfully accepted within their affirmed gender and to be distributed with a brand new beginning certificate. Only some trans individuals will apply for a GRC but you already have become over 18 to apply.

You don’t have a GRC to modify your sex mark in the office or even to legitimately replace your sex on additional papers particularly your travel document.

a€‹Gillick competence

An expression made use of in medical laws to make a decision whether children (under 16 years of age) will be able to consent to their own medical treatment, with no parental consent or information.

Gray (sex-related and enchanting)

Also referred to as grey-A, this really an umbrella label which describes people who experience attraction once in a while, rarely, or best under particular problems. Anyone may also need terminology like gay, bi, lesbian, direct and queer together with grey to spell out the direction of passionate or erotic attraction simply because they receive it.


Concerns a guy who’s got an enchanting and/or erotic direction towards females and even to lady who has an intimate and/or intimate orientation towards boys.


This might be considered a far more medical words accustomed summarize somebody who has a romantic and/or erotic positioning towards a person of the identical sex. The word a€?gaya€™ has grown to be considerably generally speaking utilized.


The worry or hate of someone, considering prejudice or damaging attitudes, philosophy or panorama about girl to girl, homosexual or bi men and women. Homophobic intimidation is likely to be geared towards people that are, or who will be observed to be, okcupid phone number lesbian, homosexual or bi.


A phrase familiar with detail a person who has the biological features of both genders or whose natural options refuse to fit with societal premise about what makes up female or male.

Intersex people may establish as male, feminine or non-binary.

Stonewall works with intersex people to present their partners and stakeholders help and advice and proof about elements of downside experienced by intersex anyone but does not, after discussions with members of the intersex community, feature intersex problem as an element of its newest remit at this point.


Relates to a girl who has an intimate and/or erotic direction towards ladies. Some non-binary someone can also establish in this name.


Worries or detest of someone since they are or were detected being a lezzie.a€‹


The acronym for girl to girl, homosexual, bi, trans, queer, curious about and ace.


an union phrase for people whoever sex character willna€™t sit down conveniently with a€?mana€™ or a€?womana€™. Non-binary identifications tend to be differed and include individuals who identify with some aspects of binary personal information, whilst others avoid them totally.