This is the closing installment in our very own four-part number of interviews with defeat writers and broadcasters addressing Pac-12 non-conference opponents that play at any rate two meeting teams this holiday season.

Those clubs contain Notre Dame (USC, Stanford), The hawaiian islands (OSU, UCLA), Fresno State (Oregon, UCLA), and BYU (Illinois, Utah, ASU, WSU, USC).

Within our three different payments, you chatted with Notre Dame defeat writer Bryan Driskell of SI/FanNation, The hawaiian islands beat creator Stephen Tsai regarding the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, and Paul Loeffler, the play-by-play two-way radio broadcaster for Fresno county.

You consider with Jackson Payne, that covers BYU for the Daily Universe. He tips questions regarding the 2021 milf football year, as well as BYU’s games with Illinois, Utah, ASU, WSU and USC.

The Wildcats lead the series that is all-time BYU 12-11-1, however the Cougars have got claimed the very last two. Utah retains an advantage that is 51-39-4 BYU, getting landed the very last nine.

ASU likes a commanding 20-7 all-time lead over BYU, and WSU trails the brief line with the other Cougars 3-1, having slipped the last two.

Utah and BYU carry on their unique longstanding rivalry. | Jeff Swinger/USA CORRECT Sports

In 2010, Arizona takes on BYU on Sep 4th in vegas; Utah moves to Provo on Sep 11th; ASU comes to visit the Cougars on Sep 18th; WSU welcomes BYU on October 23rd; and USC holds the Cougars on November 27th.

Nick Bartlett : to begin with, thanks a lot for taking the time share your thinking on the BYU Cougars along with their Pac-12 challengers this season.

Jackson Payne : I’m happy to simply help.

Bartlett : how would you consider BYU will perform this year? Do you expect a go like last period? Or more of your middle-of-the-road kind yr?

Payne : This will be a changeover for BYU year. The Cougars are replacing a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and face most likely their particular most challenging routine in the self-reliance period.

They’ve got a good amount of range at each and every ability placement, specially operating back and end that is tight and each of this three major candidates within the quarterback conflict have got good upside it does not matter exactly who they hook up.

Zach Wilson | Jeff Swinger/AP

The safety happens to be youthful and natural, they weren’t principal to the move rush last period, and possess some query markings during the second, nonetheless they should improve because the time remains.

They can end up being the Zach Wilson/Dax Milne giant device of 2020, but i’d claim that this staff gets the potential to achieve lots of spots once more.

Overall health could be the final X-factor, as accidents have got ravaged the lineup practically every season since 2014.

In the event the Cougars can adhere to one starting quarterback all year long, continue to be healthy, to get the best from their own depth and games that are“gimme” they need to win eight or nine video game titles and then make their biggest matchups appealing.

Bartlett : Which Pac-12 group in the Cougars timetable will you similar to traditionally, and the way carry out you would imagine they’ll food this year?

Payne : I have for ages been on top of USC, these people have a traditionally powerful course, and now have got plenty of remarkable matchups up against the Cougars over the years.

Having fun with at a Coliseum happens to be a benefit. We notice this season as being a rev up when it comes to Trojans, and imagine they could make a operate at a meeting concept game.

BYU going down here to tackle all of them in December happens to be a intriguing matchup that frightens me a bit if the Cougars battle to keep nutritious beforehand.

Bartlett : for which matchup you think BYU holds the biggest positive aspect? Precisely Why?

Payne : I might state that BYU has the largest advantage over Illinois inside the opener. Arizona includes a manufacturer staff that is new providesn’t fared very well against BYU in past times matchups.

Plus, BYU offensive supervisor Aaron Roderick has said it’s likely that the staff won’t declare their own establishing quarterback until we see him take the subject with the Wildcats, hence Illinois may find it difficult to gameplan properly.

The Cougars will definitely flood the arena with admirers in Las Vegas, so that they can even have a true residence field positive aspect as well.

Bartlett : Who would you like to discover begin at quarterback for any Cougs?

Payne : I really like Jaren Hall at quarterback for BYU. He’s an athlete that is incredibly special large upside and dynamic playmaking abilities. Their injury history is definitely about, nevertheless when he’s been recently regarding the field he’s been recently very hard to stop.

If they can stay healthy and obtain the best from his legs, he’ll be described as a tank. Replacing Zach Wilson won’t not be difficult, but he has got the opportunity to end up being another talent that is special BYU.

Jacob Conover might be the highest-profile recruit BYU possesses actually landed, switching out has from Alabama and other giant tools to come calmly to Provo.

They have a huge arm and possibly the very best threshold about any associated with people in their quarterback place, but i might think that Hall starts for your year and Conover redshirts as the back-up while they groom him are the ongoing future of this program.

Bartlett : How can BYU’s line that is offensive after losing three critical items from last year’s unit? Do they have adequate depth to retool this community?

Payne : BYU’s unpleasant range transferred three men for the NFL from previous year, however they still need James Empey, that is a high three core in the nation along with being a single guy wrecking staff.

Clark Barrington and Harris LaChance are a couple of other linemen that had gotten great representatives year that is last are prepared to load the void forward motion.

Hence even though they probably won’t be the unit that is same definitely ruled in 2020, they’ll still be very good and offer his or her operating straight back combination of Tyler Allgeier and Lopini Katoa a good amount of big openings to plow through.

Bartlett : precisely what do you would imagine the Cougars track record shall become against Pac-12 rivals? Which matchup excites you one particular?

Payne : I state the Cougars get 3-2 from the Pac-12 in 2010.

In my opinion the Utah online game will be close, but ultimately declines and only the Utes. And also the Cougars will probably lose the week that is last USC.

I’m anxious about Illinois to check out the new misdemeanor in motion, so I think Arizona State at your home will be a excitement for your fans.

While using the chat of summit realignment, BYU needs taking full advantage of their unique giant schedule—especially the marquee energy 5 matchups—in order to have a serious case for nationwide relevance into the term that is long.

Bartlett : Have you got some other ideas? Anything else you’d like concerning BYU this year?

Payne : BYU’s managing straight back combination of Tyler Allgeier and Lopini Katoa is one of the greatest in the united states, specifically behind this kind of strong unpleasant range.

Both people have “home run” functionality and may incorporate close to 2,000 complete lawns on the season.